Is getting a “tune” really worth it?

IMG_5560Let me put my flame suit on here because I know this is likely to be a pretty hot topic with some people. First off, we need to understand what it means to get a tune and what you can expect from one. In order to tune your vehicle, you need a tuning kit. For most of this, this means an UpRev Osiris Tune Kit. Getting the kit will likely not do a damned thing for you without a proper tune file to apply. There are basically 3 ways to get a tune file. Continue reading

PlastiDip Door Handle Covers

2014-04-25 16.40.14One of the things that has always bugged me about my car was scratches in the plastic covers inside the door. I never knew what exactly to do about it. I thought about wrapping them, painting them, or simply replacing them but I had no idea where to get started. In a quick meetup today I mentioned this to someone who told me the covers simply pop off. Wait what? You mean I have been bugged about these scratches for 14 months and it is a 30 second process to pop them off? So what to do with them? Well, I figured as a test I would PlastiDip them to match the mirrors I just did. Continue reading

PlastiDip Mirror Color Change On The G35

Something about the paint on the mirrors just never really did it for me. I have always planned to PlastiDip the mirrors but something always came up. Recently I found some free time and decided to go for it.

Stock Paint On Mirrors

Stock Paint On Mirrors

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Hood repair by Nylund’s Collision Center

The G35 didn’t do well when we shipped it from California to Colorado. We used MT Auto Transport which did an absolutely horrible job of shipping the car. The first picture is the condition of the car when I got it which is completely covered in oil. At first glance, there was no visible damage….until I washed it.

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PlastiDip Anthracite Wheels

20130712_192608-picsayIt’s been a while since I have done anything to the car because we recently moved from southern California to the Denver Colorado area. Today I finally got a chance to do some work and this time it was to dip the wheels with the new Anthracite color (available exclusively from  This new color is a metallic gray rather than doing a dark color and hitting it with metalizer like I did originally with the GunMetal and Silver Metalizer.

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The G Is On The Road to Colorado

2013-06-12 19.16.44I know its been really quiet around here because of all of the travel for business I have been having to do. In fact, out of 23 days, I spent 21 of them on the road. On top of that, we  are relocating from southern California to the Denver Colorado area tomorrow.

Today my baby got loaded up on a flatbed for a short trip to a terminal location where it will be loaded onto a 8 vehicle carrier. If all goes well the car should arrive shortly after we do on Saturday. Continue reading

Z1 Motorsports Master Silicone Host Kit

_DSC1976Most people generally want to minimize the look of all of the hoses under their hood, to try to be a little unique, I decided to go the opposite route and really make the hoses stand out. As I looked at numerous engine bays of other cars, the prevailing color of hoses, aside from black, was red. Well, I don’t care for red so I decided I was going to go with blue. The question was, where to find the hoses, and which ones to replace.

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GTSpec Strut Brace

_DSC1976While I might admit to a small amount of “spirited driving”, I do not really push the car very hard, nor do I have current plans to take it to a track (although a little AutoCross might be fun). That being said, every little improvement does help plus a nice strut brace will add a little bling to the engine bay. The problem was, it just didn’t match anything else I was planning on doing to the car….but there was a solution.

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Stillen High Flow Catalytic Converters (HFC)

thm_lrg_503430There are really only two ways to make a car faster, either make more horsepower or reduce weight. How about a modification that does a little bit of both? The Stillen HFCs (High Flow Catalytic) converters provide extra power from a reduced exhaust back pressure. Continue reading